What Are Some Benefits of Freedom Cookware?


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Freedom cookware features nonstick, scratch-free surfaces, uniform heat distribution, specially designed lids, and attractive exteriors. All Freedom cookware is coated with a special scratch-proof, nonstick Teflon coating that keeps food from sticking and remains scratch-free, even when cooks use metal utensils. The interiors of most Teflon coated cookware chips and scratches when used with metal utensils, exposing the bare metal beneath and allowing food to stick and burn.

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Freedom cookware distributes heat evenly throughout the entire cooking surface, without creating hot spots or higher temperatures in certain areas of the pan. Maintaining a cooking surface at a uniform temperature helps food cook evenly, prevents it from burning and sticking, and makes clean up easier.

Freedom cookware also has specially designed domed lids with stainless steel bands for a tight fit that retains heat and prevents steam from escaping, reducing cooking time and helping food retain moisture. The cookware and lids feature knobs and handles made from a resin that stays cool to the touch, enabling the user to maintain a safe and comfortable grip. The cookware and lids are safe to use in ovens up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The exteriors of Freedom cookware are coated with a durable porcelain finish that resists stains and maintains an attractive appearance.

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