What Are the Benefits of Drinking Papaya Juice?

benefits-drinking-papaya-juice Credit: Ethan Oringel/CC-BY-2.0

The benefits of drinking papaya juice are numerous, including its ability to enable the body to better break down proteins from food. According to Medical News Today, benefits also include preventing bloating and chronic digestion, lowering inflammation, warding off heart disease and certain cancers and promoting bone health.

Medical News Today notes that the many vitamins found in papaya including C, A, B, K, magnesium and folate as well as the antioxidant nutrients, such as beta-carotene, play an active role in reducing the risk of many common health problems.

As explained by Dr Oz in his Supercharge your body plan, papaya contains the enzyme papain. Papain is known to break down proteins from food thus promoting healthy digestion and enabling your body to retain more energy from your food.