What Are the Benefits of Distilled Water?


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The potential health benefits that can be realized by drinking distilled water include increased energy, improved skin appearance, relief from headaches, according to Drinking-Water-for-Health.com. All of these benefits are derived from the elimination of contaminants in distilled water, which cause the body to operate in a less than optimal manner.

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The distillation process rids water of heavy metals and industrial pollutants. This increases an individual's ability to avoid illness, remain healthy and counter the effects of toxic buildup in the body. Most municipal water contains chlorine or fluoride, which are added during the water treatment process. Too much fluoride in your drinking water can cause tooth discoloration and breakdown of tooth enamel, and chlorine can be harmful to your body, even in diluted amounts. Many municipal water supplies also contain calcium, which can lead to kidney stones. Distilling water filters out chemicals and calcium.

The downside to the distillation process is that naturally occurring minerals are removed from the water along with the impurities. The World Health Organization has stated that 14 important micronutrients that the body needs to function are absent from distilled water. An individual drinking only distilled water must be sure to get these minerals from food sources or a multivitamin.

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