What Are Some Benefits of China Slim Tea?

What Are Some Benefits of China Slim Tea?

China Slim tea contains senna leaf, or Cassia acutifolia, which works as a laxative and may help alleviate constipation and other digestive issues, according to WebMD. Laxatives may help users temporarily lose weight by shedding water, explains the Daily Mail.

Senna leaf may also help treat hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome, suggests WebMD. Another potential benefit of China Slim tea is that it contains natural herbs and no animal-sourced ingredients.

The other main ingredient of China Slim tea is American ginseng, which may help improve working memory in dosages of at least 200 milligrams for young, healthy adults, as Psychopharmacology reports. In units of at least 100 milligrams for healthy adults and 300 milligrams for diabetic adults, American ginseng may also help lower blood sugar levels. As of 2016, the manufacturer of China Slim tea does not have an official website or list ingredient units on its packaging.

Teas made with ginseng and other herbs, such as senna, offer drinkers several benefits. One such benefit is that they contain no caffeine, as The Huffington Post explains.

People should not drink senna leaf tea for long periods of time, especially if they experience pain or diarrhea, notes WebMD. Doctors warn that laxative users may become dehydrated or damage their digestive tracts without losing weight in the long term, as reported by the Daily Mail.