What Are Some Benefits of Black Cumin Oil?


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Benefits of black cumin oil may include reduction of hay fever and allergy symptoms, relief from dry skin and eczema, reduction in frequency of seizures, relief from some digestive problems and restoration of normal menses. Black cumin oil can also facilitate withdrawal from narcotics when taken orally three times daily for 12 days, according to WebMD, This substance may also reduce high blood pressure and reduce levels of LDL cholesterol, which is the "bad" cholesterol.

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Black cumin oil has been used for several thousand years to alleviate many conditions, according to Muslim Health Network. Its effects include reducing the severity of asthma and other respiratory problems, alleviating cold symptoms and nasal congestion, mitigating back pain and controlling diabetes symptoms.

Like many herbs, black cumin oil can be used topically and orally. As a topical agent, it is applied to the skin to reduce dryness, itchiness and flaking. When used in combination with biotin and Vitamin E black seed may reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

When ingested, black seed may provide relief from common, transient ailments, particularly of the digestive system and respiratory tract. It is sometimes used to provide relief from diarrhea, gas and other digestive problems. In combination with chanca piedra, black seed can reduce pain and swelling from irritated tonsils and sore throats.

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