What Behaviors Are Expected of the Best Servers?


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The best servers typically have a great attitude, are accommodating, anticipate the customer's wants and needs, and are able to make the customer's experience the best possible. Being a good server is about representing the establishment in a positive way and fulfilling the job requirements with a sense of integrity.

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What Behaviors Are Expected of the Best Servers?
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The service industry is very much based on an effort-to-reward ratio system. Those servers that take the time and go out of their way to make sure the customers are satisfied are the ones who reap the benefits.

Checking in on the customer every so often, without becoming a nuisance, is vital to ensuring the customer feels taken care of. Teamwork is also an essential aspect of being a good server. Ignoring a table due to not being responsible for their ticket reflects badly on the restaurant and could land a co-worker in trouble. Good communication with other servers, as well as with the kitchen, plays a big part in the success of daily shifts.

Ultimately, being a good server is all about ensuring the customer's happiness. A server should never patronize customers when they ask questions about the menu, or rush them by making them feel that there's a time limit on their meal. Being friendly, attentive, and hospitable are sure ways to make good impressions.

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