Is Beeswax Safe to Eat?

Beeswax is safe for human consumption, however, it is not advisable to eat beeswax in large quantities as it may cause intestinal blockages. If a person is allergic to honey products, then eating beeswax may also cause an allergic reaction. Beeswax comes from the bee honeycomb, and contains over 284 different compounds.

As beeswax is non-toxic, it is an approved substance in the United States, often found in foods, medications and cosmetics. In foods, beeswax is useful as a preserving agent, and in cosmetics it is often used as a fragrance enhancer, as well as a stabilizer in creams and ointments. The medicinal applications of beeswax include reducing cholesterol and relieving stomach ailments, according to WebMD. It is also suitable as a coating for pills and other medications.