What Is The Beer Store?

What Is The Beer Store?

Brewers Retail does business as The Beer Store, which is a chain of privately owned retail outlets in Ontario, Canada, that sell beer and other varieties of malt beverages. There are 448 The Beer Store locations, as of 2015.

Brewers Retail has three owners, which include Labatt Brewing Company, Molson Coors Brewing Company and Sleeman Breweries. Each location vends an assortment of beers by the keg for special events.

The Beer Store also offers home draught units for customers that desire in-home setups with draft quality beer. The home draught inventory varies from store to store but includes The Beer Store's popular sellers and staples, such as Molson Canadian, Budweiser and Corona.

Each store stocks a wide array of local and international beers, both from large brewers and small, craft brewers.

The website of The Beer Store, TheBeerStore.ca, is the corresponding online hub that features many of the same beer resources that enthusiasts enjoy upon visiting a location. The Beer 101 section of the website covers types and styles, the brewing process, glassware, storing and pouring. There are suggestions for food and beer pairings by category, such as antipasto, cheese, fruit, seafood and pizza.

The Beer Store also promotes love and knowledge of beer culture by endorsing Prud'homme Beer Certification, which is a three-tiered beer education program that culminates with a sommelier certificate.