What Are Some Beef Recipes for a Traeger Barbecue?

What Are Some Beef Recipes for a Traeger Barbecue?

There are tons of great beef recipes for Traeger grills on TraegerGrills.com. The recipes include all kinds of dishes, from large meat cuts to sandwiches and stews. An easy and great beginner recipe is the "Simple Steak."

To access the beef recipes, look for the "Recipes" link on the Traeger website. For the "Simple Steak" recipe, steaks of any type are used. Season the steaks with Traeger Salmon Shake or Prime Rib Rub. Set the Traeger to smoke and leave the lid open for five minutes. Adjust to 375 degrees after the fire starts. Now put the steaks on the grill. For a medium well steak, cook for 35 to 30 minutes.

For unofficial Traeger recipes, check out PelletHeads.com. This smoker forum has a section dedicated to recipes. Ambitious grillers post their personal recipes and pictures of the process. One great Traeger recipe is for roast beef.

The recipe calls for two eye of the round roasts, olive oil, garlic, pepper and Mediterranean sea salt.

Insert the garlic into the roast by making incisions. Heat the Traeger to around 450 degrees. Cook the roast for 30 minutes at this temperature then reduce to 225 degrees. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 135 degrees then remove, tent in foil for 15 minutes, and enjoy.