What Are Some of the Beef Recipes Panlasang Pinoy Offers?

Beef recipes offered by Panlasang Pinoy include beef morcon, adobo meatballs and Salisbury steak with beef and mushroom gravy. The site also lists recipes for soups such as the slow-cooked beef lauya, beef nilaga soup and roast sirloin tip.

Beef morcon works well as a special occasion dish or as regular fare. It requires a flank steak marinade that can also be used for other steak preparations. The dish combines beef flanks, beef sausages and hard-boiled eggs.

Adobo meatballs taste great when eaten for breakfast or as a main meal. The recipe works well with ground beef or pork. The meatballs are cooked in a gravy of soy sauce and beef broth and go well with garlic rice or garlic bread.

The Panlasang Pinoy Salisbury steak is served with white rice or mashed potatoes, with a fried egg on top for added flavor. The dish is simple enough for beginners to try and consists of fried beef patties covered in a gravy made of mushrooms and beef broth.

Beef Lauya Soup gets its name from the word "lauya" which means "ginger" in the Filipino language. The beef requires a long while to cook, and the best results are achieved with a slow cooker.