How Do You Become a Brewmaster?

How Do You Become a Brewmaster?

To become a brewmaster, go to school to study brewing or brewery operations management, or start as brewing assistant at a brewery and work your way up the ranks. A skilled home brewer with a business degree can also become a brewmaster.

  1. Find the right career path

    A brewmaster has a comprehensive knowledge of the brewing process. Years of practice and experience are required. Depending on your personality and situation, a degree in brewing or brewery management may be the appropriate choice. A degree in the field is not a requirement, though, and a general business management degree may be all that you need if you spend time as a home brewer. If you do not want to follow a degree path, find a job as a brewery assistant, and learn on the job.

  2. Brew beer

    A brewmaster understands all aspects of the brewing process. Whether you are a home brewer or working in a brewery, study the ways in which the ingredients, recipes and the environment affect the qualities of the beer. If issues arise, learn how to make adjustments during the brewing process.

  3. Gain business skills

    A brewmaster does more than create recipes and brew beer. A brewmaster is responsible for overseeing the staff and operations of the brewery. You can gain the necessary business skills by studying business management in school or through life experience.