What Are Some BeanBoozled Jelly Belly Flavors?


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Canned Dog Food, Barf, Booger, Baby Wipes and Stinky Socks are five of Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled jelly bean flavors. The remaining five flavors are Rotten Egg, Toothpaste, Lawn Clippings, Moldy Cheese and Skunk Spray. These are paired with 10 of the most popular flavors that look identical to them.

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The BeanBoozled collection contains 20 Jelly Belly flavors. Because the boxes are randomly mixed, each box does not necessarily contain all 20 flavors. Each pairing has the same solid color or patterned design, as well as the Jelly Belly logo, on both the popular flavor and the new flavor, making it impossible to distinguish between them visually.

The patterned bean pairings include Stinky Socks and Tutti-Fruitti, Barf and Peach, Booger and Juicy Pear, Moldy Cheese and Caramel Corn, and Rotten Egg and Buttered Popcorn. The solid-color pairings are Lawn Clippings and Lime, Toothpaste and Berry Blue, Baby Wipes and Coconut, Canned Dog Food and Chocolate Pudding, and Skunk Spray and Licorice.

Jelly Belly’s Snapple Flavor line and the Superfruit flavors offer colors and flavors from natural sources. As of March 2015, the Peanut Butter flavor was retired, so the manufacturer can claim a peanut-free factory. Jelly Belly beans are also a gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, gelatin-free and vegetarian friendly as well as certified Kosher.

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