What are some BBQ Pitmasters recipes?


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BBQ Pitmasters recipes cover a variety of dishes on and off the grill. These recipes include Moe Cason & Ponderosa BBQ���s Fried Catfish, Harrison Sapp & Southern Soul���s Kale, Bubba Latimer & Bub-ba-Q���s Grilled Shrimp & Prawns, and Neil Strawder & Big Mista BBQ���s Gator Fingers. Many of these recipes include general guidelines for ingredient portions, rather than strict measurements.

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Moe Cason���s Fried Catfish calls for cornmeal, flour, milk and savory poultry seasoning. All ingredients are mixed in a bowl and used to coat prime fillets of catfish. The accompanying dip requires sour cream, hot sauce, lemon juice and Old Bay seasoning.

Harrison Sapp���s Kale is a simple blend of three ingredients: kale, apple and bacon. The apple is braised with kale, the bacon is smoked, and finally, all ingredients are combined in one bowl.

Bubba Latimer���s Gator Fingers combine shrimp and prawns into a citrus-flavored, buttery dish. Lime juice is sprinkled over the shrimps and prawns while they grill. This dish is served with compound butter and a mixture of corn and red bell peppers.

According to Grilling with Rich, six elements create the ideal setting for a perfectly grilled barbecue meal: smoke, cook time, flavor enhancers, sauce, grill and temperature.

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