What Are Some BBQ Pitmasters Recipes?

What Are Some BBQ Pitmasters Recipes?

BBQ Pitmasters recipes cover a variety of dishes on and off the grill. These recipes include Moe Cason & Ponderosa BBQ’s Fried Catfish, Harrison Sapp & Southern Soul’s Kale, Bubba Latimer & Bub-ba-Q’s Grilled Shrimp & Prawns, and Neil Strawder & Big Mista BBQ’s Gator Fingers. Many of these recipes include general guidelines for ingredient portions, rather than strict measurements.

Moe Cason’s Fried Catfish calls for cornmeal, flour, milk and savory poultry seasoning. All ingredients are mixed in a bowl and used to coat prime fillets of catfish. The accompanying dip requires sour cream, hot sauce, lemon juice and Old Bay seasoning.

Harrison Sapp’s Kale is a simple blend of three ingredients: kale, apple and bacon. The apple is braised with kale, the bacon is smoked, and finally, all ingredients are combined in one bowl.

Bubba Latimer’s Gator Fingers combine shrimp and prawns into a citrus-flavored, buttery dish. Lime juice is sprinkled over the shrimps and prawns while they grill. This dish is served with compound butter and a mixture of corn and red bell peppers.

According to Grilling with Rich, six elements create the ideal setting for a perfectly grilled barbecue meal: smoke, cook time, flavor enhancers, sauce, grill and temperature.