What Is a Basic Vegetarian Cabbage Soup Recipe?


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A basic vegetarian cabbage soup recipe involves boiling cabbage, celery, bell pepper and tomatoes with water in a pot until the vegetables are tender and then seasoning the mixture with herbs, spices and lemon juice. This recipe is available on the Isha Foundation website.

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Another basic vegetarian cabbage soup recipe on the Isha Foundation website involves boiling potatoes, cabbage, celery and bell pepper until the vegetables are tender, seasoning the mixture with spices, and blending it to create a creamy soup.

The Cook For Your Life website also provides a vegetarian cabbage soup recipe. This recipe requires the cook to boil cabbage, carrot, celery, onion and garlic with water or vegetable broth in a pot until the vegetables are tender and then add miso. The cook then serves the soup in individual bowls with a touch of sesame oil.

Cooks may also consider trying the vegetarian cabbage soup recipe on MyRecipes.com. This recipe starts by frying garlic in a pan to create garlic chips and then setting them aside for later use. The cook then sautés fennel and onion in a pot before adding cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes along with vegetable broth and water. The cook seasons the mixture and allows it to simmer until the potatoes are tender. He serves the soup with a garnish of fennel fronds, parsley and garlic chips.

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