What Are Some of the Basic Health Benefits of Vinegar?

basic-health-benefits-vinegar Credit: Alison Miksch/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Basic health benefits of vinegar include: increased calcium and essential-mineral absorption, slowed sugar absorption, replacement of unhealthy fats and sodium, removal of harmful pesticides and chemical residues from fruits and vegetables and its characteristically low calorie count. Vinegar has also been found to help alleviate pain from mild burns, clear congestion, relieve headaches, soothe sore throats, prevent blisters from sunburn, eliminate hiccups and cure morning sickness.

Vinegar can help those with type 2 diabetes regulate their blood-sugar levels by slowing down the body's ability to absorb sugars. Vinegar does this by helping to deactivate certain enzymes that help to break down food into sugars. By doing so, vinegar helps to slow the amount of sugar that is released into a person's system. This significantly reduces the amount of stress that is put on a type 2 diabetic person's body because the pancreas doesn't have to produce an enormous amount of insulin to break down large amounts of sugar. Vinegar also contains acetic acid which can quickly break down calcium and other minerals during a meal, which in turn allows the body to capture and retain those nutrients more effectively. That being said, there are some misconceptions about the health effects of vinegar, such as it having the ability to cure heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer or aging-related ailments. These are only myths.