What Are Barrel Racks Used For?

What Are Barrel Racks Used For?

Barrel racks are used to store wine barrels in a designated space. They vary in their size and presentation, and they are typically made from a variety of sturdy materials, such as wood, metal and reinforced plastic.

Barrel racks are typically available in a variety of types, including newly manufactured, remanufactured and refurbished or repurposed.

The newly manufactured varieties are typically designed according to different material and size requirements, such as two barrel racks and single barrel racks. These are often stackable and provide you with durable decorative options, especially if you are planning on purchasing many wine and beer barrels for retail or hobbyist pursuits.

Remanufactured barrel racks are typically designed for custom projects and larger storage needs. You can purchase recycled barrel programs that convert two barrel racks into four barrel racks through custom welding and adjustments. Additionally, you may choose customized racks with different storage spaces and sizes to get the exact racks you need.

Refurbished barrel racks are typically made from repurposed or refurbished wood, and they are some of the most common do-it-yourself projects performed. Refurbished barrel racks may also be made from recycled or repurposed metals, and there are options that combine the two materials.