How do you barbecue right?


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Barbecuing entails choosing the correct cut of meat, preparing the grill and cooking the meat over low heat until it's heated all the way through and tender. Marinating the meat and smoking it can add additional flavor.

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It's possible to barbecue nearly any meat, but traditional barbecue typically includes large, well-marbled cuts of beef or pork. The marbling is fat that helps flavor the meat and keep it moist. The meat can be brined in a saltwater solution, soaked in or injected with marinade or dry-rubbed with a seasoning mixture prior to cooking.

Cooks should set up the grill so that only one side has a flame. This allows the meat to be positioned over the flame for searing, and then moved to the other side to continue cooking over indirect heat. For smoke, cooks should use a smoke box filled with wood chips, or fuel the grill with hardwood charcoal, which creates its own smoke. The grill is ready when the temperature reaches 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Barbecue often benefits from starting the meat over direct heat and, as it begins to brown, moving it off the flame to the indirectly heated side of the grill to finish barbecuing. Barbecued meat is finished when it's at a safe temperature and tender enough for shredding.

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