Are Baked Pork Chops More Tender Than Fried?


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Frying a pork chop allows greater control over the temperature and easy access; the fan in many convection ovens dries out the meat. Baking uses dry heat to cook the meat, causing all the juice to evaporate, even though baking is considered a healthier option.

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Are Baked Pork Chops More Tender Than Fried?
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Frying pork allows it to cook in grease and its own juices. It's possible to bake pork chops by wrapping them in aluminum foil to hold in moisture, but this prevents the meat from browning.

Another way to keep pork chops tender is to allow them to thaw for about an hour after taking them from the freezer. Going from the freezer into the oven or frying pan requires the meat to cook too long to reach a safe temperature, drying it out in the process.

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