What Are Some Bake-A-Bone Recipes?

Popular Bake-A-Bone recipes include Snickerpoodles, Cheesy Bites, Bacon Bites, Veggie Snacks, and Banana Biscotti. These recipes are organic, gluten free, and will please a variety of dogs.

The Bake-A-Bone is a treat mold and baking machine in one. It is designed to produce gourmet dog treats in 8 minutes from the comfort of home. Bake-A-Bone comes equipped with a recipe book and a packet of peanut butter treat mix. It is the perfect purchase for dog owners with dogs that require a special diet, are finicky eaters, or are sensitive to the abundance of preservatives found in store bought treats.

Bake-A-Bone's capability is not limited to the recipes found in the accompanying book.

Many of these recipes are suitable for the Bake-A-Bone, but some require slight alterations. For instance, a diabetic dog treat recipe featuring 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 2 eggs, and 1 1/2 pounds of beef liver calls for the ingredients to be chopped in a food processor, then baked for 15 minutes in a pan and cut with a pizza cutter. The batter may be too thick to bake in the Bake-A-Bone, but it can be thinned with the addition of a small amount of beef or chicken stock.