What Are the Best Baby Formulas Available?


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No baby formula is better than another, because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration mandates that the nutritional content of all formulas contain a set minimum amount of nutrients and cannot exceed the established maximum. Some brands may vary their recipe, but the nutritional content is the same.

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What Are the Best Baby Formulas Available?
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Use formulas with enhanced iron, because it is an important nutritional building block for infants. Formulas come in three base types, including cow's milk, soy milk and protein hydrolysate, with cow's milk being the most common. Soy milk is used for some lactose intolerance or to avoid ingestion of animal proteins. True milk, or lactose, allergies require the use of protein hydrolysate formulas, which don't contain the milk proteins that can cause a reaction. Omega-3 enhanced formulas have not been clinically proven as beneficial.

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