What Are Some Authentic Italian Pasta Sauces?


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Some authentic Italian pasta sauces are Alfredo, bolognese, pesto, marinara and romana. Each of these sauces is very different from the others and requires a different preparation.

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Alfredo sauce is a butter, cream and grated cheese sauce and is ideal for fettuccine. Bolognese sauce is a meat sauce seasoned with wine, vegetables, nutmeg and chicken livers served with grated cheese and butter. This sauce is ideal for spaghetti.

Pesto sauce is an oil, grated cheese, garlic, pine nut and basil sauce. Pesto sauce is ideal for penne and fettuccine.

Marinara sauce is a fresh tomato, olive oil, basil and garlic sauce, and is ideal for spaghetti.

Romana sauce is a meat, chicken and mushroom sauce and is ideal for penne.

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