What Is the Best Apple Crisp Recipe?


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The best apple crisp recipes use flavorful baking apple varieties such as McIntosh, which are cored and sliced into wedges. The crisp topping ingredients are just as important, and common topping ingredients include cinnamon, nutmeg and either brown or white sugar.

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What Is the Best Apple Crisp Recipe?
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A highly rated recipe for apple crisp is featured on the food site Betty Crocker. This version uses four tart apples, which are layered into the bottom of a baking dish. Oats are one of the ingredients used to make the crisp topping, since oats go well with apples. Traditionally, the crisp topping ingredients are mixed together in a bowl and spooned over the apples in the baking dish. Depending on the recipe, apple crisp requires between 30 minutes to 1 hour of baking time.

An alternative recipe for apple crisp can be found on the Food Network website. This version requires five pounds of Macoun or McIntosh apples, which are combined with citrus juices, sugar and spices. The topping in this recipe is a bit sweeter than others, because it includes both granulated and brown sugars. When making apple crisp, apples are often peeled and then sliced, but leaving the skin on the apples gives the dish a nutritional boost. Generally, McIntosh apples have a satisfying flavor and break down into a soft texture while baking.

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