What Alkaline Foods Can Be Substituted for Acidic Foods?

According to the acid alkaline diet, alkaline foods such as tofu and tempeh may be substituted for acidic foods such as beef, pork and salmon. In general, plant-based foods are more alkaline than animal-derived foods. Following a vegetarian diet or substituting plant-based foods for meat and dairy whenever possible may be helpful in balancing the body's acid and alkaline levels.

To choose more alkaline foods over acidic foods in a diet, a person should choose white meat or a vegetarian meat alternative instead of red meat. Drinking soy or almond milk instead of cow's milk, replacing bread and French fries with wild rice, and drinking sparkling water instead of alcohol are some other ways to substitute alkaline foods for acidic ones. In cooking, a better acid-alkaline balance may be achieved by substituting almond flour for wheat flour, stevia for white sugar, olive oil for butter, or egg whites for whole eggs.

Some of the most alkalizing foods include lemons, avocados, broccoli, pumpkin seeds and garlic. These foods should be eaten as much as possible to increase alkaline levels and reduce acid in the body. Some of the most acidic foods include fatty red meats, processed meat, fried foods and beer. A person wishing to eat more alkaline foods should eliminate these from her diet or substitute healthier foods like fresh white meat, roasted or raw vegetables, and sparkling water.