What Are Some Alkaline Foods?


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Avocados, soy, beans, almonds and fresh vegetables are all highly alkaline. Figs, ripe bananas, coconuts and watermelon are moderately alkaline. Fermented, frozen or canned vegetables are not included, nor is meat.

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The alkaline diet is purported to help alleviate symptoms or reduce likelihood of arthritis and cancer as well as aid weight loss. Popularized by Victoria Beckham, the alkaline diet theorizes that some foods contribute to the build-up of acid in the body and recommends eating alkaline foods to combat the increased acidity. This claim is untrue; the body maintains homeostasis on its own and the pH level of blood remains unaffected by diet.

However, the alkaline diet is still effective for weight loss and improved health. It is very restrictive, eliminating meat and dairy entirely along with wheat. Dieters are also prohibited from eating refined sugars, removing many processed foods. There is also evidence to suggest that low-acid diets can prevent kidney stones, strengthen the bones and muscles, improve heart health and reduce the risk for cancer and type 2 diabetes, but results are inconclusive.

The alkaline diet also recommends cutting out alcohol and caffeine. Dieters should aim for alkaline foods to consist of approximately 70 percent of their total food intake.

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