What Is an Alkaline Food Chart Used For?


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According to "How Alkaline Foods Can Make You Feel Incredible in Just 3 Days . . . ," an alkaline food chart is used to identify foods that can restore and maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance. The numbers in the chart document the amount of pH in digested foods.

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Alkaline food charts are used with Acid Alkaline Association Diet (A-A-A Diet), which promotes using dietary enzymes to re-balance body chemistry and metabolism. According to researchers, combining foods to achieve an 80% alkaline-forming, 20% acid-forming balance gets the most out of dietary enzymes, vitamins and minerals and helps maintain a healthy, slightly alkaline pH balance of 7.30. Eating a diet that results in high acidity in the body deprives it of oxygen needed to maintain a healthy immune system. In addition, high acidity robs the body of calcium and magnesium, which build bone and muscle.

Some of the ratings in an alkaline food chart may be confusing at first. For instance, although fresh lemons are very acidic, they alkalize in the body and are one of the best foods for re-balancing. Likewise, artificial sweeteners, which are commonly thought to be neutral in acidity, are really highly acidic when processed in the body.

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