What Do Alaskan People Eat?

Alaskans eat things like fish, other types of seafood, meat and berries. Sourdough bread is also a popular food in Alaska.

Native Alaskans used to eat a meal called akutaq, or Eskimo ice cream. Akutaq is a dish similar to ice cream in consistency, but made by whipping the fat of hunted animals until it became light and fluffy, then adding snow and berries. Modern versions of akutaq are made using shortening and adding things like vegetables or dried meat.

Many people living outside major cities in Alaska are avid hunters. They hunt animals such as elk, bear, reindeer and moose, and these animals provide much of the protein in the diets of the people who eat them. For example, black bear meat provides 20 percent of the daily allowance of protein in a 3.5 ounce serving. Game animals often have far less saturated fat than other animals, making them healthier options. Game animals eat wild plants, berries and shrubs, meaning they avoid the harmful pesticides domesticated animals may consume.

The largest part of the Alaskan diet is seafood. Salmon, halibut and Alaskan king crab are staples in the Alaskan diet because they are plentiful and easy for most people to obtain.