What Was the Agricultural Revolution?


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Agricultural revolutions are periods in history in which massive improvements are made to agricultural technologies, allowing for the advancement of human society. There have been several agricultural revolutions throughout history.

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What Was the Agricultural Revolution?
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Periods of time such as the 18th and 19th centuries saw major changes and improvements to agricultural technology. The invention of better farming equipment allowed for societies to become focused on agricultural practices in order to produce large amounts of food. Tools used to cultivate land such as plows were essential to supporting large-scale farming practices, as well as the usage of devices intended to harvest grain and other crops, such as hand sickles and reapers. As technology improved, fewer workers were needed to work on farms, allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

The ability to harvest large amounts of food through agricultural processes also brought about numerous social changes. The increased efficiency of farming tools allowed for surplus amounts of food to be harvested and stored. Those who controlled large amounts of resources and had the means to protect them were considered socially elite. This brought about social stratification and class differences in human societies, as the elite attempted to solidify their social positions of wealth while the lower class worked for or purchased food from them.

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