What Are the Adverse Effects of Using Truvia?


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Possible adverse effects of using Truvia are abdominal distress; gas and bloating; cramping; and diarrhea, according to Dietitian Cassie. These effects are caused by the ingredient erythritol.

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Erythritol is one of the main ingredients of Truvia, reports Dietitian Cassie. It is a sugar alcohol made from corn that has been genetically modified. The side effects from this ingredient occur due to how ineffective the body digests sugar alcohols. Since the main ingredient is a sugar alcohol, it is not uncommon for Truvia to taste a lot sweeter than other sweeteners, so less is required.

Another common ingredient in Truvia is rebiana, which comes from the stevia plant, notes Dietitian Cassie. Truvia also contains natural flavors, though the Food and Drug Administration does not have strict guidelines as to what is called "natural" when it comes to sweeteners. It is possible the gastrointestinal side effects of Truvia are also from the natural flavors and rebiana contained in the sweetener.

Truvia is safe for people with diabetes and women who are pregnant or nursing, explains Truvia's official website. Studies indicate the sweetener poses no threat to pregnant and nursing women, with no extra side effects. Studies also show the sweetener does not negatively impact insulin or blood glucose levels.

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