What Are the Advantages of Using a Fruit Dryer?


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Fruit dryers preserve fruit so it can be kept for prolonged lengths of time, while retaining some, or all, of its nutritional value. A dryer is more efficient than using an oven and faster and easier than simply leaving sliced fruit in the sun to air dry. Fruit dryers are a good way to produce inexpensive, healthy, minimally processed snacks.

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Fruit dryers save money and cut back on waste by preserving excess food before it has a chance to go bad. Fruit preserved with dehydrators retains more of the nutrients of the original fruit than canned fruit. A simple solar dehydrator can be made cheaply and easily to dry fruit, using a open box frame with wire mesh trays and a plastic cover. Electric dehydrators can be purchased to fit on a counter or with multiple trays to dry bigger batches at once. A freeze dryer combines deep freezing with dehydrating; it preserves almost all of the nutritional value of the original fruit and comes the closest to retaining its original color, flavor and aroma as well. Dried fruit can be enjoyed long after the original fruit has gone out of season, and freeze-dried fruit can last as long as 15 to 25 years.

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