How Do I Adjust a Recipe in Which I Put Too Much Salt?


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Adjusting a recipe after too much salt has been put in involves adding water, potato or other ingredients. The way to adjust the recipe depends upon the type of food being prepared. However, according to Rachel Ray, sometimes a dish is beyond help and should not be served.

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According to Massa’ Coastal Italian Cuisine, if the over-salted dish is a soup or another recipe that contains a large amount of liquid, the addition of water sometimes fixes the problem. Massa' suggests this method to reduce the concentration of the salt. If adding water is not an option for a specific dish, the restaurant recommends putting in a bit of lemon juice.

Rachel Ray offers several ideas for too-salty soups, sauces and stews. For example, putting a peeled and quartered potato into a soup and simmering for at least 15 minutes draws some of the salt into the spud, which is removed before the dish is served. A little extra sour cream, brown sugar or vinegar is advised for salty soups or sauces. The cook adds a little of the ingredient at a time, tasting along the way, until the flavor is satisfactory, according to Rachel Ray. Also, if white rice pureed with water is placed in soups or stews, it cuts some of the saltiness.

To avoid adding too much salt, Massa' urges cooks to taste dishes during preparation, especially since many ingredients already contain sodium. In addition, the restaurant counsels against adding additional sugar to a salty recipe, because salt and sugar increase rather than mask other flavors.

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