What Is the 85 Degrees Bakery Menu?

As of March 2015, the 85 Degrees Bakery Cafe menu includes drip coffee, craft espresso beverages, tea, cake and bread. The name of the cafe refers to the company's belief that the flavor of coffee remains its freshest and most enjoyable at 85 degrees Celsius.

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe prepares its coffee with freshly ground Guatemalan beans and blends each beverage at the customer's request.

The company's craft espresso beverages are standard espresso bar fare, including flavored lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and Caffe Americano. An exception is the company's Sea Salt Coffee, which is sea salt whipped cream atop a sweetened, iced Americano. Hazelnut, vanilla, caramel and white chocolate are a few of the flavors available for adding to drinks.

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe serves jasmine, green and black tea. The cafe menu also includes chai and several flavors of Asian-style milk tea, such as boba, coffee jelly, caramel and green.

85 Degrees Bakery Cafe prepares its own cakes, such as Tiramisu and mango creme brulee. Some locations may also serve German Black Forest cake and Taiwanese taro cake.

For those who love fresh, homemade bread, 85 Degrees Bakery Cafe prepares white, whole wheat, milk toast and rum raisin toast. The company incorporates Danish, Taiwanese, Japanese and European style flavors in roughly 80 varieties. Their array of refrigerated breads, or fridge breads, includes cream cheese custard tart, cheese bites, coconut custard and red bean sponge roll. The company intermittently introduces unique breads and cakes for special occasions.

The 85 Degrees Bakery Cafe website contains extended lists of menu items available at cafe locations.