What Is the 5 P.m. Subway Special in December?

The 5 p.m. December Subway special was a promotion Subway launched nationwide in 2011 after limited market trial runs. During Customer Appreciation Month in December, the submarine sandwich chain offered 6-inch meatball and cold cut subs for $2. It is no longer available.

Subway's most recent promotion is the Simple $6 Menu, as of October 2015. Customers combine a 6-inch sub of their choice with a bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for $6. Only certain subs, including Black Forest ham and meatball marinara, are eligible for the promotion.

Subway offers additional regular savings through its Subway Rewards Card. Customers receive 50 free points for registering for the program and an additional point for every dollar spent in the store by swiping the card at the time of purchase. Customers can use a mobile phone number to receive points in lieu of the card. Points are redeemable for Subway merchandise, including a footlong sub for 75 points and a cookie for 10 points. Rewards members also receive a birthday gift from Subway and the option to opt in to personalized bonus offers.

Another past Subway promotion that is no longer available was a $5 footlong sub, first offered in 2008.