How Do You Find 24-Hour McDonald's Locations?


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One way to find 24-hour McDonald's locations is to go to the Restaurant Locator search engine on the McDonald's website. Enter a ZIP code or a city and state into the search. The site will then display all of the McDonald's restaurants near that location and their distances in miles.

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The next step to determine if the location is open for 24 hours is to select one of the location results and click on Restaurant Homepage. Although the homepages of individual restaurants may be different, all McDonald's homepages will provide information about store hours. Finding a nearby 24-hour McDonald's location may require checking the homepages of several different restaurants.

Yelp.com is another resource that can be used to find 24-hour McDonald's locations in a particular area. Using its search engine, type "24-hour McDonald's," and select a city and state. This brings up a number of McDonald's locations that Yelp claims are open 24 hours. Beneath each restaurant's location, there are user reviews with the words 24 hours highlighted in black, which will verify if it is indeed a McDonald's location that is open for the entire day.

Yelp also provides the neighborhood, address and phone numbers of these McDonald's restaurants, along with user reviews to help users make decisions about the best McDonald's to go to late at night.

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