What are some 100-calorie foods?


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Some 100-calorie foods include a plain small potato, 2 ounces of low-fat cheddar cheese, 14 almonds and 10-13 large shrimp. Other types of nuts, such as cashews and pistachios, contain 100 calories in small portions, and egg whites on toast are a filling 100-calorie snack.

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Most foods can have 100 calories with the proper serving size, such as 34 whole-grain pieces of penne pasta or small servings of calorie-dense foods, including avocado, chocolate and whole-fat cheeses. To get the most volume from 100 calories, a person should focus on eating plant-based foods such as beans, fruits and vegetables.

A white-bean salad of 1/3 cup beans mixed with scallions and diced tomatoes has high amounts of protein, fiber and iron while staying under 100 calories. Red beans are another low-calorie bean option, as long as no additional oils or heavy sauces are added to the dish.

Fruits and berries help satiate cravings for sweet foods while staying relatively low in calories and providing nutrients. Grapes, watermelon and raspberries are fruits consumable in relatively high quantities for few calories.

Vegetables are the best option for volume, with 100 radishes, 31 asparagus spears and 60 green beans coming in at only 100 calories.

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