What Are 10 Foods You Should Not Eat?


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Ten foods to avoid include processed carbohydrates, partially hydrogenated oils, processed meats, too much alcohol and large amounts of sugar, according to WebMD. Foods in those categories include chips, donuts, bread, pasta, vegetable shortening, bacon, pepperoni, hot dogs and French fries.

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What Are 10 Foods You Should Not Eat?
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Many of these foods contribute to heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol problems. Sugar and processed carbohydrates can cause skin aging, such as sagging and wrinkles. Nitrates and saturated fats contained in processed meats are known to cause inflammation, explains WebMD. WebMD recommends replacing these foods with vegetables, such as lettuce and tomatoes, salmon, oatmeal, and legumes, such as lentils and beans. These foods are rich in nutrients but do not contain excessive carbohydrates.

People with high triglycerides should avoid or limit some otherwise healthy foods, such as peas, corn and even fresh fruit. They should avoid fish canned in oil, but water-packed fish is a healthy substitute. While a glass of wine contributes to heart health for most adults, individuals with very high triglycerides should avoid alcohol due to its sugar content. Coconut and coconut oil are rich in saturated fat. Butter, visible fat on meats and high-fat meats are also bad for people with high triglycerides, states WebMD.

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