How Do You Write a Nanny Employment Contract?


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To write a nanny contract, you must outline your agreement with the nanny, including vacation time, taxes, payments, schedules and other important information. It's vital that the contract is written as an employer-employee agreement and that it is signed by both parties.

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  1. Include necessary identifying information

    The contract is a legal document, so it is important to provide the legal names of both parties, your home address, the date of execution and term of the contract.

  2. Lay out the schedule

    Detail the expected work schedule, including the days and hours you expect the nanny to work each week. Write out your policies on vacation and sick days, including whether the nanny will be paid for such time and when and how notice should be given for missed days. Also list the holidays that the nanny will have off and whether they are paid or unpaid holidays.

  3. Explain taxes and benefits

    Because nanny agreements can vary widely, it's vital to list in the contract benefits and expenses you will and will not cover. A few key areas to consider are health insurance, mileage reimbursement, parking expenses and mobile phone costs. Also detail how you will handle income reporting and the withholding of taxes.

  4. List potential grounds for termination

    Both for legal reasons and to make your expectations clear, list possible reasons for termination. Consider what is important to you, but possible reasons could include being excessively absent, compromising the safety of the children, stealing or lying.

  5. Include any confidentiality requirements

    Remember that this person will have access to your home and family. Write out your expectations on privacy and confidentiality. You may want to include social media usage in this section or give it its own specific clause.

  6. Provide a space for each party to sign

    Leave a space for you and the nanny to execute the contract.

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