How Do You Write a Letter to Your Daughter?


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Letters to a child, whether young or old, convey a world of emotion and a connection that is difficult to achieve with an email. Compose a letter to a daughter with equal parts whimsy and love.

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Write letters just for fun, containing a joke or riddle to brighten up the day of a child who is sick or dealing with a difficult time. Letters to a daughter can be written from the perspective of a pet or a favorite toy to make them more entertaining. Alternatively, speak simply and from the heart if there is a more serious message to convey.

Don't let distance be the deciding factor; write letters even to children who still live at home. Finding a note tucked into a lunch box, under the pillow or stuck on the mirror provides delight and keeps a parent connected. Use a combination of pictures and familiar words for young children who are just learning to read. Deciphering these notes is a great way to encourage them.

Communicate positive emotions such as love, affection, and pride in the kind of person the is child or for things she has done. Express encouragement or approval, especially for particular achievements. Such notes are likely to be remembered.

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