How Do You Write a Family Mission Statement?


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According to Focus on the Family, to write a family mission statement, family values need to be identified. A family, particularly the parents who are leading the creation of the family mission statement, needs to consider the bigger picture of how the personalities, goals, and dreams of everyone in the family come together to create a unified mission.

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According to The Atlantic, even good families often stray from their decided purpose. However, what makes them more likely to be successful and happy is that all of the family members have a commitment to coming back to their mission statement. According to Focus on the Family, commitment to the family mission statement is vital. The Atlantic suggests that coming up with a family mission statement should include identifying the specific values from a large list of values that the family wants to identify with the most. Considering what the family's strengths are, how they would like others to view them and what best describes the family as a whole are all ideas to consider when creating a family mission statement. The mission statement is also a tool to help families to focus more on what goes well in the family rather than what is wrong.

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