How Do You Write a Day Care Lesson Plan?


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The most effective way to write a day care lesson plan depends on the age group, the class schedule and the learning objectives, but a typical plan consists of multiple learning activities in various developmental areas, such as art, fine motor skills and early literacy, scheduled throughout the day as small or large group activities. Many day care teachers develop lesson plans on a weekly basis, but some prefer daily, monthly or yearly planning.

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Start by establishing a set of learning objectives. Some day care teachers focus on a kid-friendly theme, such as dinosaurs, summertime or community helpers, to develop engaging lessons and activities that meet their educational goals and allow children to explore various concepts through play. Songs, finger plays, crafts, reading and center-based activities are often included.

Use the class schedule as an outline for planning. Music, daily activities such as calendar time, and short introductions to the day's learning objectives usually take place during circle time, ideally after all children have arrived. Activities designed for learning centers often take place throughout the day, including times when students arrive and depart.

Day care teachers write lesson plans in a variety of formats, depending on their teaching methods and preferences. Some create activity lists organized by subject areas such as phonics, math and sensory play, while others outline their days based on the everyday routine of their classrooms.

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