Why Would You Create a Babysitting Flyer?


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The major reason to create babysitting flyers is so that babysitters can market themselves in a broader context to reach a wider audience. Babysitting jobs are most often acquired through word of mouth, but a flyer can help reach more people if word of mouth is not generating enough jobs.

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A good babysitting flyer should be well-designed, include a short paragraph about the babysitter's abilities, state a price and include a contact number. It is important not to post to much information on babysitting flyers that will be posted in public places like coffee shops, libraries, or apartment complexes. This will ensure the safety of the babysitter.

If possible, the flyer should have little tags at the bottom that potential clients could take with them, otherwise, they may forget the number and never call. Just like any advertisement, a good flyer will catch the eye of anyone walking by. It should have a bold title that is fairly straightforward, and it should also include reviews or important key words that parents will be looking for. It is best to highlight any previous experience, certifications, special skills or other pieces of information that will help this flyer stand out from the rest.

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