How Would a 14-Year-Old Go About Looking for a Job?


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To begin looking for a job, a 14-year-old should create a resume highlighting her skills and apply to every local part-time job available. Starting a small business doing things around the neighborhood is also a good place to start for teenagers.

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Even though most young teenagers do not yet have work experience, they can build resumes that highlight relevant life experiences and programs in school they've taken that demonstrate knowledge they've acquired. Talking to hiring managers in person whenever possible when applying for jobs is useful because the teenager can explain her experience and answer any questions.

There are many legal restrictions on the kind of work that young teenagers can do, such as the amount of hours they can work on each particular day, so it's a good idea for a teenager to apply to as many businesses as are available, such as grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants. The most effective method for young people is to distribute resumes by walking around to the businesses in their neighborhoods. They should contact local newspapers to inquire about available newspaper delivery routes as well.

Young teenagers can also build small neighborhood businesses, doing things like yard work, baby sitting, dog walking and running odd errands. They can post signs around the neighborhood, ask their parents to spread the word and go door-to-door advertising their services.

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