What Are Some Words of Comfort?


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Some words of comfort are to offer the person friendship and support and to acknowledge that the person is going through a difficult time. Comforting words also include sharing positive memories, sympathizing with the person's emotions and offering the person hope that she can find new things to enjoy.

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Offering comforting words to a person includes offering the person time to listen to concerns. Talking with the person might involve asking the person how she is managing with her difficulty. Simply expressing sorrow or an "I'm sorry" for the person's situation is another way to offer words of comfort.

If the person is mourning a loss, words of comfort might be sharing positive memories about the person's loss. In addition, comforting words may offer hope that the person will find healing and new blessings. Telling the person about a similar experience might also help the person find solace in hearing about similar situations. Rather than telling the person not to worry and to expect a quick resolution of the problem, comforting words acknowledge that the person's struggle is a difficult challenge.

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