How Do You Wean Baby From the Bottle?

Allowing babies to get familiar with the feel of a cup early is helpful in the weaning process. Putting formula or breastmilk into a toddler training cup can also help to wean a baby from the bottle.

WebMD asserts that babies are ready to start the weaning process at about six months old, although some babies start sooner. Replacing bottle feeding with cup training every five to seven days can also help the baby become accustomed to using a cup. To help babies think of drinking from the toddler cup as something positive, it can be helpful to pour the liquids the child likes best into the cup. When children start to show interest in drinking out of adult cups, this is generally a sign that they are ready to be weaned from the bottle.

If a child is old enough to select the toddler training cup he likes, parents should allow this, as this can make the weaning process more successful. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for a baby to fully be weaned from the bottle. The amount of time it takes typically depends on how consistent parents are with the process.