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Parents or other caregivers often ground children as a punishment, in order to encourage the children to discontinue inappropriate behavior. As grounding is a punishment for a wide variety of wrongdoings, a young person might become ungrounded by showing caregivers that the lesson the grounding was intended to convey has been learned, and that there is a genuine wish to make amends.

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Grounding children is a common way to deprive them of things they enjoy in order to discipline them for something they've done wrong. According to Parents.com, five of the most important things parents can teach their children are honesty, justice, determination, consideration and love. When children are disobedient or do not appear to fully grasp these values, parents will do what they can to teach their children the proper way to behave.

Sometimes, children will have to endure the punishment for its full duration. Parents may be seen as weak or easy to manipulate if they hand out a punishment only to then back down. At other times, however, a child may become ungrounded by showing the adult through words and deeds what has been learned from the punishment and by showing a better understanding of how to behave in the future.

Regardless of what the parent decides, children may still wish to show they are sorry for what they have done and wish to behave more appropriately in the future. Discussing the problem with the adult in a mature, calm and understanding way is a great way to show them that you have learned and are continuing to grow and mature. Another way is to do kind things for the parent or caregiver, such as helping out with chores.

Good parents try to raise their children according to their values, so that they can become healthy, happy and productive members of society. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is important to know that being grounded can be a helpful step to learning how to behave appropriately.

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