What Are Some Ways to Stop Breastfeeding?


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Slowly replacing breast feedings with bottle feedings can be an effective way to stop nursing a baby. This should be done slowly, replacing one or two breast feedings with a bottle feeding each week until the baby is taking all feedings in a bottle.

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For mothers who want to stop giving their babies breastmilk, it may be best to use a breast pump. Pumping all the milk from the breast in a sitting signals the body to make more milk. So, mothers should pump just enough milk to stop the breasts from being engorged, so the breasts can stop lactating naturally. Babies also exhibit signs that they are ready to start being weaned. Parents Magazine asserts that when a baby can sit up with support or starts to show interest in table food, it is time to start the weaning process. Showing the baby care and affection in ways other than nursing, such as a massage or story time, can help to move the weaning process along. It may also be best to hold off on weaning during stressful times, such as during a move or upon starting a new job. Both the parents and the baby should be as relaxed as possible for weaning to be successful. Parents Magazine also suggests setting a target date for the completion of weaning. It may take about a month for a baby to be fully weaned from nursing.

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