What Are Some Ways to Repair a Father-Son Relationship?


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Some ways to repair a father-son relationship include creating realistic expectations for the relationship and adapting to situational changes, as well as spending time and talking with the other person. If the son is a child, getting to know his friends and nurturing the child in a loving way are also ways to repair a father-son relationship.

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The goal of creating realistic expectations for a father-son relationship is to avoid disappointment. When both the father and son develop realistic guidelines for the new relationship, they are less likely to encounter conflict if they find themselves working toward different goals.

Spending time engaging the father or son in conversation helps to repair a relationship by creating common ground. It encourages the other person to express emotions freely. The other person should show interest in what his father or son says. Each person asks the other questions about personal preferences and life goals, and each person listens to the responses in a supportive way. This works best if it occurs in an environment without outside interruptions or distractions.

For a young child, play is a helpful way of repairing a father-son relationship. During playtime, the child controls the activities. The father does not criticize the child during play. Both the father and child need to make sure they are free from interruptions during play time, such as work-related responsibilities or cellphone distractions. Older children might enjoy activities outside the home, such as going to a movie or playing sports.

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