What Are Some Ways to Hit Puberty Faster?

There is nothing teenagers can do to try to speed up puberty, according to TeensHealth. Puberty usually begins for girls between ages 10 and 11 but can start as early as 7 and extend to 13. For boys, puberty begins between ages 9 and 15.

Puberty is a prolonged process that spans several years and various stages of development, explains TeensHealth. The first stage for girls is to begin developing breasts and pubic hair, and the menstrual cycle is next to appear, often between two and three years after the onset of breasts. During this time, girls experience a growth spurt and gain weight around the hips and thighs. Boys begin puberty similarly by growing hair on the face and pubic area, followed by a growth spurt. This commonly occurs around 10 or 11 years old, during which time boys' voices change, they begin to develop muscles, and their testes and penises also grow.

Teens who pass the normal age range for puberty without experiencing any changes to their bodies may simply be late bloomers, which is a hereditary condition acquired from family members. If this is not the case, TeensHealth recommends visiting with a doctor to assess symptoms and investigate possible causes for delayed development, such as underlying chronic diseases or hormonal imbalances.