What Are Some Ways to Deal With Empty Nest Syndrome?


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Ways to deal with empty nest syndrome include concentrating on helping the child's transition, staying in touch and seeking support from family and other loved ones, recommends Mayo Clinic. It is important to make an effort to maintain a positive attitude, and focusing on other relationships or passions may alleviate the pain.

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It is important for parents to recognize that their child's timetable is not always going to coincide with their own personal wishes or experiences, notes Mayo Clinic. Remember that living apart does not have to mean that parents and children have to lose touch. Parents can stay in contact with their children using video chat, texts, emails and phone calls.

If empty nest syndrome causes depression, it may help to speak to a physician or mental health care provider, states Mayo Clinic. Staying active and busy helps to keep empty nest syndrome at bay. Parents may deal with empty nest syndrome by embracing new professional challenges and expanding their personal lives.

When children leave home, it can be an exciting opportunity to reconnect with a partner, according to Mayo Clinic. Having an empty nest may also reduce stress associated with work or family obligations. It is beneficial to stay focused on the positive aspects of the change, while refocusing energy into other people and activities.

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