What Are Some Ways Children Can Cope With Divorce?

To help children cope with divorce, adults can reassure the children that the divorce isn’t their fault, be honest about the situation and get them professional help if needed. Some children need some additional support through counseling, therapy or child-friendly support groups and activities.

Because children often feel they are to blame when their parents divorce, it's important to let them know it isn’t their fault and that they are loved. Try to build up their self-esteem, which often drops following divorce. Continue giving the children all the attention they need, and open up communication. Be as honest as possible about the divorce, including details about living arrangements. Make sure the children understand the decision is final, and they shouldn’t expect the couple to get back together.

When discussing certain aspects of the divorce, don’t play the blame game. Not only should the children not feel blamed, but they shouldn’t blame one parent or the other. Make arrangements for the children to spend time with each parent as evenly as possible, unless this is not safe or allowed by the court.

Children often need to vent their frustrations and speak their thoughts aloud, so let them be heard. Open up communication and encourage them to speak their thoughts and feelings.