What Are a Few Ways to Access Adoption Records for Free?


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There is no way for a person to obtain adoption records for free. In order to obtain an adoption record, a person must follow a number of steps, which may or may not have a financial cost, depending on the state.

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An adopted person who is interested in obtaining his or her adoption record will need to speak with the Child Welfare department of the state that they live in. If the records are not sealed, then the person will only need to fill out a few forms and potentially pay a small fee. If the records are sealed, then the person will need to follow the state's necessary procedures.

Adoption in the United States occurs when a couple or an individual is interested in raising a child or children as a member of the family. The biological parents of the child or children have their rights terminated and new parental rights are transferred to the adoptive parents or adoptive parent. In most cases, the records to the adoption are then sealed in the interest of protecting the adopted child's privacy, as well as the privacy of the birth parents. However, there are adoptions known as open adoptions where the records may be sealed but the biological parents are given information about their child and the child is free to interact with the biological parents as well.

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